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Simple & lightweight

With only <10KB JS+CSS for a pixel-perfect script, it's a fair size for a nice enhancement.


Sticklr has been tested as compatible on most modern browsers, including IE7+, Firefox 3+, Chrome 11+.

Semantic markup

Separating content from presentation is a good SEO practice, ensure accessibility, and just easier to maintain.

Smartly positioned

When you scroll around the page, the panel will always follow you while still maintains it's position smartly.

Multiple column

Menu can be separated in multiple columns with different title, you only need to make a separate list for each column.

Flexible Styling

It's very easy to customize the styling based on your needs, because it's CSS file is separated from JS.

Show on Hover/Click

You're free to decide whether the menu must be shown when mouse is hover or click just by passing a line of JavaScript.

Works without JS

Built from ground up with CSS fallback, you don't have to worry about user having their JavaScript disabled, although this is actually a very rare case.

Left/Right Side

Panel placement isn't limited to the left, you can also stick it to the right as you can see here. Tab size is customizable as well.

(NEW) Now also available as a WordPress Plugin

Sticklr-WP is designed specifically to be running on top of WordPress platform as an installable plugin. Includes an intuitively easy administrative page, thus you don't need to deal with the code.

See the WordPress demo here.

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It's unusual that I would come back to leave another comment giving praise to this highly-useful, cleanly-coded, reasonably-priced, well-implemented product. (Did that sentence say it all?) :) ~jeffreyrbk
i been waiting for this one, bought the js version ;) will pick this one up too ;) ~chrismccoy
Havnet used it but I am sure I will soon. The plugin looks amazing! Just like TF's version - perfect! ~wpexplorer
Just purchased, installed, edited and posted - it was so easy, and works like a dream! I love it! ~steveshead
Yeah, ive been waiting for this to become available for wordpress, i use the other version in all my sites, recommended to all... ~richimie
Ah, nice script. Love it, it works perfect on my website. Easy to use and customize. ~mlk83
Thanks for this excellent piece of code. It's exactly what I needed for my project. ~seeker7125
Lovely plugin, nice finishing touch on my website. I have no feedback currently, it dose every thing I could want. Thank you, keep up the good work! ~ursad
It works perfectly with no issues with my other scripts Took only mins to add to my site. ~davepronta
My rating for script, price and support: 7 stars of 7 ~Kayesh
I am extremely satisfied with the plugin as it is right now. Keep up the great work. ~bloomy121147
5 stars! ~yoodac

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What you'll get?
+ Full source code
+ Instruction manual
+ Free installation support
+ Access to lifetime updates

Sticklr - Sticky Side Panel
jQuery plugin

Regular license $ 5 NOW FREE!

Sticklr-WP - Sticky Side Panel
WordPress plugin

Regular license $ 12 NOW FREE!

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